Sunday, April 17, 2016

How to remove BIOS password?

Hello friends this is my first post, why i start blogging?

 I had password on bios and i was looking in internet how people was fixing that and i found nothing. i start growing information and finally i removed that password without any program. then i share that on acer page because to much guys needed that help. after minutes i am getting 3 message from acer your replay was removed because...
 After that day i am getting massage from Aaron Abbott :
thank you for being courageous enough to do that and for your sacrifice of time for me. That was very generous of you! Their reaction is silly. You could create a free blog (, a free website/blog...

and thats why i Create blogger. i want to share that information because thats important for all and for acer to... 

okey lets start...

1) Restart your laptop and press f2 or f8 or f12... 
2) if your bios have password you will get that:

3) Press Enter twice and you will get more options, choose first one "enter unlock key", or something like that
4) Copy key, for simple: 76943488 and go on that website:

Paste that key into label:

thats will be your password but it isn't finished yet 
now you should remove fully that password for that watch that video from 0:40:

use that password witch website gave you...

Sorry for my grammar. i am from Sakartvelo, Tbilisi - Georgia, Tbilisi

if you have guys any question write bellow 

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  1. Wow, 4bigana!

    that was super generous of you! You went far, far beyond the call of duty!

    That I know will help a lot of people on the future. However, I appologize for not being clear - it's not a passward problem it is bios programing that is the problem. OEM bios are very limited and it would be nice to have a complete bios with all the options.

    Again thank you so very much! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!



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